Welcome To Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant

Information: Are you in the mood for Ethiopian food, but you feel that the authentic style is the only way to go? Can you not resist that delicious, comforting taste of crisp vegetables and freshly baked breads after a long day at work when all you want is friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere? If so, you know that it can be rather difficult to find an authentic-style, traditional, Ethiopian food. We are a family restaurant that strives to provide you with outstanding service, delicious food, and a pleasant atmosphere. When you are a guest at Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant, we will see to it that your search for that fresh, original taste is satisfied. We know that from the instant the juicy taste of our savory, homemade Ethiopian food touches your tongue, you will be obsessed.

Are you hosting a family event or office party at your home or a rented space? Would you rather not change out of your sweatpants or put on makeup because your nail polish is drying and your favorite movie just started? For the occasions when you are in need of such a service, the take out service at Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant will prepare our eloquent dishes to you promptly and efficiently and ready to go! We will always be at your service.

If you are looking for a relaxing, laid-back place to socialize with your friends, Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant is a great restaurant for hangin' out. Gather ‘round the table with your flatbread (injera) and butter (niter kibbeh) and let the meal begin!

We also offer some great ideas for vegan dishes or vegetarian food. If you do not prefer the taste of meat or anything derived from animals and have been craving our delightful food throughout your work day, stop in and take advantage of our inexpensive prices and great eats. Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant will be the perfect end to your work day.

You and our loyal customers truly complete this business and make it what it is. If it weren't for all of you, Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant would not be nearly as successful as it is. Our strong reputation of the high-quality service that we have is precious and we are proud to carry the best-quality foods to you.

Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant has five local locations for your convenience, including Colombia and Elgin. We are never far from you - 'tenahunu!' (goodbye!) Menu

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